The Bathroom Guide


With the house renovation still in full swing and the big, architectural decisions made, it’s time to get down to the details.  Currently I’m working on the bathrooms. I am not of the philosophy that these should be seen as accessory spaces – cold and purely functional. Quite the opposite, to me the bathroom must be a fully-fledged room in the house, deserving attention and even admiration.

When I design a bathroom I like to think of it as a home-spa or private sanctuary, and accordingly, it needs the right treatment, including upgraded amenities. That’s where a bathroom brand like Drummonds comes in for me, with modern detailing and classic shapes, not to mention strong scale.  From their “Shamrock” showerhead (3 round showerheads, fused into one, standout shamrock shape) and cast iron tub with claw feet, down to their heated towel racks, which sport a hefty radius, everything about their collection makes a serious statement in scale, which I absolutely love.  In their bespoke silvery “Antique Nickel” finish, they elevate the room with pretty details and flounces, giving the whole space a sense of value and importance.

A few more of my essential tips for creating bathroom atmosphere:

1) Make use of Light & Air

A freestanding tub will give the room a sense of space and movement. Meanwhile, white marble walls, sinks, etc., bring in the light and lend airiness.  I tend to go for “White Statuario” for my own home with it’s subtle grey veined texture as I like to keep it bright creating a gentle sense of serenity and balance.

2) It’s all in the Lighting

The bathroom has many uses – makeup in the morning, spa time in the evening, etc., – it should have just as many lighting options.  I tend to go for a lighting system with at least four options, bright for getting ready to go out, medium for a quick check in the mirror, low & romantic for a relaxing evening in the tub, night lighting, and more. I also recommend suggest a PIR light movement sensor for night lighting for those who don’t want to have to think in the dark.

3) Audio

Whether the tranquil sounds of the ocean or classical music, the inclusion of a Aquavision Television in the bathroom is a good choice. For the morning news or to watch Netflix whilst relaxing in the bath surrounded by low lighting and candle, its a great addition.

4) Water Pressure

This may seem like an obvious one, but there’s nothing that will take the pleasure out of a shower like low water pressure. With 5 busy females in my house, I know this to be an absolute essential. Make sure your water system can cope with the number of people in the house and their water habits from the outset.

5) Accessorise

Don’t be afraid to add homey decorative/ornate touches that go beyond the basics. After all, as I said before this is not a room to sideline. I love a sublime chandelier in the bathroom, giving it weight and importance. Consider a decorative feature such as an antique Venetian mirror to surprise and delight. I also tend to add elegant side tables near the bathtub, with candles and other spa-like accessories to underline the room’s purpose. Crisp linen hand towels contrast soft luxurious bath towels and oversized robes.

In my designs I like to consider all the senses – from scent to touch to temperature to audio and visual enhancing the complete experience.