Officine Gullo X Alison Henry


Alison Henry Design and bespoke Florentine kitchen maker, Officine Gullo, unveiled their latest design collaboration and Officine Gullo’s kitchen creations at Decorex 2019. Alison is also proud to announce her Brand Ambassadorship with the kitchen company. Last year the World of Interiors Award was given to the partnership for their collaboration at Decorex 2018 for the design currently being installed into Alison’s own home (Green House Project).

“It’s a great honour to work as a Brand Ambassador for Officine Gullo with such a brilliant team with vision and talent to create the most incredible kitchen spaces. The kitchen has increasingly become the centre of the home and the most important space for sharing your family’s time and memories.”

Marrying the innovative technology more often found in professional kitchens with the comfort of a residential setting, Alison Henry Design and Officine Gullo’s latest, completely bespoke, creation will set a new standard for the domestic kitchen, prompting us to reconsider the nature of craftsmanship in its truest sense. The key is to suit the unique lifestyle of each client.

“During my own home renovations, I was surprised to find that what I envisaged for my house kitchens just did not seem possible. From the minute I began collaborating with Officine Gullo it was clear from our very first meeting that its ‘bespoke’ service was genuinely, and unusually, just that: complete customisation designed for the client, with the client and with an artisanal perfection that is simply second to none. I am so incredibly proud of what we have achieved, and I can think of nothing that really competes. It is a project that really stands out from the crowd.”