The Launch of My Modern Day Collectables


I’ve spent much of my career scouring the planet for unique antiques and treasures to add a sense of patina and a sense of history to my interiors. Of late, however, I’ve realised that all that time spent sourcing those special finishing touches, could easily go into making them instead.  Why not make the antiques of tomorrow, today? I’ve decided to launch a small collection of statement pieces that will add glamour and a bit of magic to any interior.  These are modern day heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation and home to home.

There are many to come, but the first in the collection are mirrored wall sconces inspired by those of the legendary French design house, Maison Baguès.  I originally fell for their Art Deco-inspired lighting fixtures from the 1940’s that mixed mirrored glass and gilt metal elements in intricate floral designs. Inspired by these, I worked with skilled artisans to create a modern version incorporating all of these elements in a romantic, floral motif.  I’m proud to present these as the first in my series of modern day collectables, as they’ll add just the right amount of romance and timelessness to just about any setting.

Watch this space for more launches and feel free to get in touch [link to contact page] for more information on this and any other bespoke pieces.