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The Ballet Studio & Home Gym

Now more than ever before, it’s become a real luxury to have the option to be able to train at home, both indoors or in the garden (weather permitting). Our Studio space is a dream that I’ve had since childhood when I studied ballet as a little girl in Singapore with my wonderful teacher Miss Toh. I danced throughout school and took up jazz, modern – even tap dancing. 

With timber floors, mirrors, a ballet barre and lots of space and light streaming in through the French doors, this, of course, is a very grownup dream come true. I never wanted a home gym full of bulky equipment, I just loved the idea of having a wide open space to dance and run around.  And that’s what this room is – a place to be free. It’s amazing how being in it and giving time to those childhood passions can be so refreshing – a fountain of youth, even. The added bonus of having a bit of a “blank canvas” for a gym is that it serves the whole family.  We have ballet, pilates, yoga, TRX and Peloton enthusiasts in the family and this room serves us all whether its for Zoom classes, private tuition or just a regular solo workout.   

Dancing has also always been a great way for me to keep fit without feeling pressured to go to the gym and train. It’s also a way to relax using different styles of dance and music to escape with. Plus, as my mum used to say, it’s good for your “deportment” (not sure she’d say the same about my dancing late into the evenings at night clubs).

My four girls have all been encouraged to dance and have studied ballet to different stages. And nowadays I like to say to them that it’s good for their posture and deportment. 

My youngest daughter has been part of the The Nutcracker with the English National Ballet at the London Coliseum as a mouse age 8/9 and more recently age 10/11 as a Candy Cane and a Snowflake. It’s an unsmissable Christmas treat: exquisite dancing, beautiful sets and Tchaikovsky’s popular score played live. It’s always quite moving for us as a family to watch, especially after the time and dedication that’s required with rehearsals, dress rehearsals and the final productions. I am a very proud Mum.  

My older three girls still like to dance but are more concerned with keeping fit and healthy. They enjoy Ballet Barre Core classes and Pilates as well as spinning via our Peloton bike – a lockdown treat.  They too still love to dance, though – we are not shy of having done more than a few family Tik Toks over lockdown.

Love, Alison x