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Author: Alex

Alison’s Artisans / Henraux


The Magic of Henraux As you may have gathered, I have a penchant for craftsmanship that goes above and beyond. I search the globe for it and try and incorporate as much of the very best exemplars in the spaces I create. The Italian marble masters Henraux (http://www.henraux.it/) are right up there among my favourites. … Continued

An Invitation To My Kitchen 


I have some exciting news to share. As you may know, I’m currently deep in the proverbial architect’s “trenches”, building my family’s new London townhouse.  Today I’m able to share a sneak peak of the kitchen – in my eyes, the heart of any home. Not only am I sharing it here, but I’m very excited … Continued

The Launch of My Modern Day Collectables


I’ve spent much of my career scouring the planet for unique antiques and treasures to add a sense of patina and a sense of history to my interiors. Of late, however, I’ve realised that all that time spent sourcing those special finishing touches, could easily go into making them instead.  Why not make the antiques … Continued

A Home in the Making / Chapter 1


Some of you might be surprised to know that I am currently in the midst of a home renovation of my very own, and am about a year away from a move in date. I thought I’d use this blog to occasionally share my personal renovation journey tips thus far in case they might be … Continued