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The Magic of Henraux

As you may have gathered, I have a penchant for craftsmanship that goes above and beyond. I search the globe for it and try and incorporate as much of the very best exemplars in the spaces I create. The Italian marble masters Henraux ( are right up there among my favourites.

There’s the fact that from this Italian quarry come marble creations of an almost divine perfection. Think of designer Michael Anastassiades’ “Miracle Chips, ” large, impossibly thin, impossibly curved cuts of marble from Henraux’ sister design brand Luce di Carrara ( I’m dying to commission a slightly oversize marble surfboard for my next beach house project. Oh, but there’s so much more!

Established in 1821 in Quercata, Italy, Henraux happens to own and operate the quarry where Michaelangelo himself used to handpick his marble cuts. Later the Modern greats including Jean Arp, Henry Moore, Joan Miró tapped Henraux exclusively for their sculptural works in marble. What’s more, when it comes to more contemporary projects, theirs is the intricately patterned marble found both at the Mecca, which was restored in 1992, and the more recent and absolutely ethereal Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

Mind blown? There’s much more to come from this astonishing brand. Their list of design collaborations via Luce di Carrara is growing – just recently they’ve released a set of surfaces and tables with Dutch superstar duo Scholten & Baijings. Moreover, they are busy quite literally carving away at a new space to establish their museum and foundation.

With a heritage that spans centuries, they’re not only invested in finding the technology to modernize the marble trade, but also the sculptors, designers and architects of the future. In fact, the Fondazione Henraux ( funds an annual award for masterful artistic and design projects in marble. On my visit, I was blown away by 2016 winner Daniele Guidugli’s piece, ‘Moby Dick’ a set of monumental whale vertebrae cast in marble.

This is a brand I’m watching and working closely with. I urge you to add them to your little black book.