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Officine Gullo Update

Because you asked, here’s the latest from my collaboration with the brilliant Officine Gullo.  (See ‘An Invitation to My Kitchen’  story below to catch up) For one, we were over the moon to win World of Interiors’ Best in Show for our ‘Officine Gullo for Alison Henry’ kitchen for Decorex.

During my own home renovation, I was surprised to find that what I envisaged for my kitchen just did not seem possible.  I discovered Officine Gullo and it was clear from our very first meeting that its ‘bespoke’ service was genuinely, and unusually, just that: complete customisation designed for me, with me and with an artisanal perfection that is simply second to none. I am so incredibly proud of what we have achieved, and I can think of nothing that really competes. It is a project that really stands out from the crowd.

And, after Decorex’ success we’re discussing the possibility of my expanding my role within the brand beyond that of a collaborator.  As much as I would love to while my days away designing their kitchens – so finely engineered and crafted that to me they rival a Bentley or an Aston Martin – that’s not what this new role would entail…

Along with continuing to design my own series for them, I am also looking to open doors for the brand here in London.  The idea is to bring more attention to the unparalleled OG, whether it’s finding a showroom space, providing connections with other high-calibre designers, or sniffing out new collaboration opportunities.

My role, as I see it, is to open doors to other designers allowing them to let their creativity flow with what is perhaps the best kitchen brand of our time.

Together, we are currently looking at spaces where Officine Gullo and other artisan brands of the same calibre could show London the wonders of its craftsmanship. A modern home design gallery concept space, if you will. Definitely watch this space.