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A Feng Shui Primer For Your Home


Having grown up for most of my life in Asia I have always been aware of the importance of Feng Shui. It is quite a complex philosophy that is ultimately about enabling the positive, harmonious energy in nature – or Chi – to flow through a space. When investing in a property of any size, Feng Shui is seen almost as a form of insurance, ensuring the health and wellbeing of those who inhabit the space. As complex as it is, when you spend enough time in Asia, it becomes second nature. Sometimes I walk into a building and simply get a feeling that there’s been some Feng Shui work done there.

I see Feng Shui as the ability to measure the invisible gravitational forces in your home.  In a consultation the intention is to maximise the positive potentials of the occupants: Anything from good health and vitality, to luck, brainpower, and happy relationships for you and your family.

Over the years, I have worked with a number of different Feng Shui experts around the world in both my personal and commercial projects, including the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.  The suggestions and predictions that come out of a session are often quite enigmatic, and invariably reveal themselves to be true over time – often in surprising ways.

The system is based on the 5 elements – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire & Earth – and the key is to keep these in balance to allow Chi to flow in all aspects of your life:

World: Your social connections, friends, industry expansion, marketing & long term results

Money: Your career, business, business assets, character, personal growth

Self: You, Your image, your brand, spouse, health, things closest to you

Creations: Happiness, actions, your investment, skills, dreams, children, short term results

For a Feng Shui treatment on a home, the process begins with an astrological analysis of those living there. This revolves around the Chinese astrological calendar and provides a year’s road map for everything from health and wellbeing to wealth, and auspicious and inauspicious things to do – things like travel, marriage, signing contracts, etc.  This information is then looked at within the context of home in particular the orientation of the house front door.  Below are some of the basics to keep in mind when making sure the Chi flows in a domestic space.

Placement really matters here!:

The Bedroom

All rooms are divided into sectors which exert an influence on the people within.  Therefore, whatever the energy in the sector where the bed is is what the person in the bed will be absorbing.  Sleeping in the wrong place or room can cause no end of ills, from poor health to anxiety, depression and sleeplessness…never mind marital issues!

Top Tip: Make sure your bed is in a “Commanding position” – in sight of the door but not directly facing it.  The belief is that you’ll be able to see anything that comes your way – positive or negative – quite clearly and be prepared for it.


The Office 

Here the desk position can bear an effect on business and affect your decisions, acumen, focus and clarity, not to mention luck with money.  Writers Block? If your desk is in the wrong position, it could block your workflow.

Top Tips:

1) The ‘Commanding Position” comes into play here too. When we had our studio checked the Feng Shui Master Consultant recommended I sat “at the head of the dragon”… Make sure you can see the door so you can see all those big opportunities coming your way.

2) The Consultant also recommended that we paint the entrance door frames white, rather than the black frames I had already painted, otherwise he said the money wouldn’t come in the door!

We made the changes the next day and we got an amazing project with Mandarin Oriental.


The Personal Power & Regeneration Position

This is a space in the home where, according to an individual’s birthdate, they can tap into the most beneficial earth and heavenly energies for them.

Top Tip:

Verticality is an important concept in Feng Shui and represents growth. To make this position especially advantageous, add elements that make the space feel taller – anything from a tall indoor plant to bookshelves to a tall, thin lamp.


Areas for spiritual growth, meditation studying and learning are also often identified within the home.

Top Tips:

1) In your personal sanctuary as well as in the home in general, tidiness is a virtue.  It is thought that Chi flows more freely in a clean, open space.

2) Indoor Plants like Calathea, Jade Plant and Philodendron are all thought to be auspicious for different reasons and to promote Chi, so use them to spruce your sanctuary space and your home in general.


The Entrance

Entrances are important as they are places where Chi flows into and out of the home.

Top Tip:

Keep your main entrance area tidy and clean and make sure it doesn’t become a place where outerwear/socks/post/daily detritus can pile up as this will act as an obstacle to the positive Chi you’re looking to attract.


Stay Away

Depending on the orientation of the house and how it was built there are areas that if disturbed by ground digging, renovation or even tree felling can cause issues to your health. Disturbing negative areas can also cause financial setbacks and sudden misfortunes.